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Securing a funded apprenticeship grant

Securing a QEST apprenticeship grant

QEST offers a grant of up to £18,000 to help a company employ a craft-skill based apprentice at a living wage for three years.

Apprenticeship applications open in the summer, with decisions made in the autumn.

To be awarded the grant the company must:

  • Specialise in a craft-based skill, such as ceramics, conservation, jewellery, leather, metals, musical instruments, paper production, rural crafts, stone, textiles and wood. A full list of the craft skills funded are available on QEST’s website.
  • Demonstrate a case for need. Proving that without QEST’s financial assistance your company would be unable to employ an apprentice.
  • Outline a training plan, noting any milestones or accreditations to be achieved. Evidencing that the young person is truly gaining valuable skills and training from the apprenticeship.
  • Demonstrate commitment from both the company and the apprentice to work together long-term.

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