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Hardwood Flooring Restorer


A brief overview of the apprenticeship (description broken down into 6 monthly periods over the whole apprenticeship)

Stage 1: by 6 months

The apprentice will learn to carefully protect the client's space before work begins. They will learn how to clean floors; about the proper use and care of tools; the basic skills of sanding and finishing hardwood flooring, together with basic wood-working

Stage 2: by 1 year

The apprentice will develop their woodworking and finishing skills and begin to understand how colour and finish is achieved with different tools and combinations of materials.

Stage 3: by 1.5 years

The apprentice will consolidate their wood working and finishing skills integrating the methods unique to Weldon in order to achieve consistently high standards in the art of refinishing flooring. Patch repairs and replacement will be taught. The apprentice will learn to evaluate the site and scope of works.

Stage 4: by 2 years

The apprentice will begin to plan the order of activities and think for themselves how a particular look can be achieved. This will lead to estimating the time activities will take in advance. They will be teaching clients how to clean and maintain their own floors by now.

Stage 5: by 2.5 years

A high degree of craftsmanship will be sought by this stage. More advanced wood-working and finishing skills will be expected from the apprentice.

Stage 6: by 3 years

During the final stage in the apprenticeship, attention will be focussed on consolidating the knowledge acquired and applying this knowledge to the day to day functioning of the maintenance team, evaluating if changes can be made to ease all processes while maintaining the high standard of craftsmanship expected. A high level of customer service should be second nature by this stage.

Location London Craft Wood Role Hardwood Flooring Restorer Working Week Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm Start Date 01 Jul 2018 Salary £Details on application/Week 3 Years Length of apprenticeship Download more info

Required Attributes

Work ready Self motivated Naturally practical Attention to fine detail Careful and considerate Excellent communication skills Good organisational skills

Desirable Attributes

Appreciation of wood and colour Well-presented and tidy Good teamwork Reasonable numeracy Thinks before acts Welcoming, friendly, helpful

Company Information

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Est. In 1992 45 People 2 Apprenticeships

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