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Hardwood Flooring Installer


A brief overview of the apprenticeship (description broken down into 6 monthly periods over the whole apprenticeship)

Stage 1: by 6 months

The apprentice will learn to be on site safely. Initial focus will be on the proper use and care of tools starting with cutting plywood and eventually timber. Preparation and installation of sub-flooring will be taught as an early and crucial skill to master.

Stage 2: by 1 year

The apprentice will learn how to carefully select timbers and how to position and dry-lay floor boards and parquet in accordance with the design drawings. They will move on to basic installation. Then sanding methods will be taught, starting with room edges.

Stage 3: by 1.5 years

The apprentice will continue to develop layout, sanding and finishing skills integrating the methods unique to Weldon in order to achieve consistently high standards in the art of flooring installation. By this stage they may be working on more intricate designs that include marquetry and borders.

Stage 4: by 2 years

A high degree of craftsmanship will be sought by this stage. The apprentice should be working on most processes un-supervised and demonstrating clear understanding of the structure of the floor build up and conditions necessary for a successful install. The different surface treatments will be covered by now.

Location London Craft Wood Role Hardwood Flooring Installer Working Week Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm Start Date 01 Jan 2018 Salary £Depends on skills/Week 2 Years Length of apprenticeship Download more info

Required Attributes

Work ready Motivated Naturally practical Teamwork Willing to listen and practice Good communication skills

Desirable Attributes

Initiative Attention to detail Thinks before acts Appreciation of wood

Company Information

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Est. In 1992 45 People 2 Apprenticeships

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