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What are the Apprenticeships
awarded for?

  • To fund traditional apprenticeships, learning from master craftsman or training in small craft businesses.
  • To support employers (master craftsmen or small craft businesses) to take on one or more apprentices.
  • To part fund salaries; training costs and/or materials.

What crafts are covered?

  • QEST has supported 130 different crafts: modern and traditional. See scholar profiles for the specific skills that have been funded.
  • We are particularly interested in receiving applications from those with skills in wood, metal and in the rural crafts.

How much is awarded in each

  • Between £1,000 and £18,000.
  • The amount allocated to each award depends on how much funding is needed for a project.

What are we looking for?

  • Well thought out proposals which will contribute to the excellence of modern and traditional British crafts.
  • On the application form you need to explain clearly why the proposed training will improve your skills and what you expect to achieve as a result.
  • You also need to give a careful estimate of the full cost of the training you would like to undertake

Who can apply?

  • Although there is no upper age limit, we are primarily looking to fund those aged between 16-26 for apprenticeships.
  • You need to demonstrate passion for your craft and the dedication and commitment to make this your career.