What are Apprenticeships
awarded for?

  • To fund Apprentices, learning craft skills within companies and from master craftsmen.
  • To support employers to take on Apprentices and nurture a new generation of craftspeople.
  • To part fund salaries, training costs and/or materials.

What crafts are covered?

  • QEST has supported over 130 different crafts, from contemporary and traditional. See alumni profiles for the specific skills that have been funded.

How much is awarded in each

  • Up to £6,000 per year (up to 3 years).
  • The amount allocated depends on how much funding is needed for the Apprenticeship.

What are we looking for?

  • Well thought out training plans for a specific craft skill, which will ensure that the Apprentice is work-ready at the end of their Apprenticeship.
  • On the application form both Employer and Apprentice will need to explain clearly why the proposed training will develop the Apprentice’s skills.
  • You also need to provide a detailed funding plan for the duration of the Apprenticeship.

Who can apply?

  • Although there is no upper age limit, we are primarily looking to fund those aged between 16-26 for apprenticeships.
  • You need to demonstrate passion for your craft and the dedication and commitment to make this a long-term career.
  • You do not need previous work experience.