QEST Apprenticeship Applications - Opens June 2017




Please give yourself plenty of time to complete the application fully and note that the deadline is 3rd August 2017.


Completing the application form

Please fill in and submit your application via our web form, which should be completed by both the apprentice and the employer together. Once you register your name and email, you will receive an email with a link to commence your application. Please keep this activation email as you will need this to access your application again.

Please note we do not accept applications by post, it must be done via our online system.  


What else do i need?

The employer will be required to submit the most recent copy of their accounts, demonstrating they are solvent (and will therefore be able to sustain their Apprentice). A training plan will also need to be completed, to best demonstrate the Apprentice’s progression route. Therefore please give yourself plenty of time to complete the application.


Support from QEST will cover:

  1. Funding to supplement wages above the minimum apprenticeship wage/ to reach the minimum wage.
  2. Funding to supplement training and equipment/material costs, compensating the time the employer/master would take in training the apprentice as well as any time away from commercial work.


Please state in your proposal the amount of funding you require. The maximum offering per apprenticeship is £18,000 over 3 years (or £6,000 per year).

Funding is only provided for employers and apprentices whose permanent residence is within the United Kingdom.


What happens next?

After the application deadline passes, QEST commence marking the applications. There are 2 assessment stages before the interview, which will take place between September and October 2017. Those who are invited to interview must attend with their Apprentice as a partnership. This interview will take place in late October 2017 with QEST Trustees and Skills Advisors.



If the application is incomplete when the deadline passes, it will be declined and not be considered for assessment and interview.




When can I apply?

The Apprenticeship applications process opens in June and closes in August. The assessment stages begin soon after the applications close and continue until October, concluding with an Interview.

Am I eligible?

  • Although there is no upper age limit, we are primarily looking to fund those aged between 16-26 for apprenticeships.
  • You need to demonstrate passion for your craft and the dedication and commitment to make this a long-term career.
  • You do not need previous work experience.
  • Both Employer and Apprentice need to apply together as a partnership.

Do I need to have been born in the UK?

No. However, you must be living and working permanently in the UK to be eligible for Apprenticeship funding. 

This means we cannot accept applications from those living outside of the UK or residing in the UK on temporary work or study visas.

But can I apply for funding for courses/projects outside of the UK?

Yes, you can apply for funding to attend a course outside of the UK, although you would need to assure us that your long term plan is to bring these skills back to the UK to enrich British Craft.

Can I apply for funding for purchasing equipment?

QEST helps to fund salaries, training costs and/or materials.

Can I apply for tuition fees if I am already working for the Employer?


Do I need previous experience before I apply?

As an Apprentice, we would anticipate that you would be at ‘entry-level’ and would demonstrate a long-term commitment to becoming an established craftsperson. You would therefore need your Master/Employer to vouch for your dedication and/or skill.

Can I submit my application via email or letter?

No. All applications must be submitted online through the application form on the QEST website. Any applications received via any other means will not be considered.

How much can I apply for?

  • Up to £6,000 per year (up to 3 years).
  • The amount allocated depends on how much funding is needed for the Apprenticeship.


If unsuccessful can I apply again?

Yes, you are permitted to apply again should you be unsuccessful.

Who reviews my application?

All applications are reviewed by the QEST trustees and a group of experienced Skills Advisors who work in specific craft sectors. All applications are processed at two stages, and then the shortlist is drawn up for interview. After the interviews, a decision is made promptly.

Do you give feedback?

Regrettably due to the high volume of submissions; it is impossible to offer feedback on unsuccessful applications.