Roll of Honour

Deborah Fiette, Sir Nevil Macready CBE (Crafts Council), Tapestry conservation
Rupert Christie, Equicentre, Farriery apprenticeship
Steven Gravestock, Findlater Mackie Todd & Co Ltd, Stone Masonry
Timothy Harris, R Twining & Co Ltd, Glassmaking
Claire O’Flaherty, John Lobb Ltd, Shoemaking
Marliese Symons , Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy, Homeopathy

Davina Chapman, Mobil Oil Company Ltd, Calligraphy
Sandie Ennis, Sir Nevil Macready CBE (Crafts Council), Rugmaking
Martin Enoch, Wilkinson PLC, Glassmaking
Sonja Nuttall, Stephens Brothers, Haute Couture
Judith Gardner Jones, M Leslie Esq CVO (Factor, Balmoral Castle), Opera Singing
Frances Plowden , Plowden & Smith Ltd, Blacksmithing
David Sax , Moët et Chandon, Winemaking
Graham Williams, H P Bulmer PLC, Antique furniture restoration

Spike Bucklow, The Hamilton Kerr Institute, Painting conservation
Mary Butcher, Worshipful Company of Basketmakers, Basketmaking
Jonathan Darracott, Crafts Magazine, Watchmaking and repair
Denise Durham, Procter & Gamble Ltd, Chairmaking
Sarah Goodwin, J Dege & Sons Ltd, Gold embroidery
Philippa Hunt, Camberwell College of Art, Paper conservation
Bisi Osindero, House of Fraser Ltd, Milinery

Ruth Boddington, Calligraphy
Graham Collis, The Ironbridge Gorge Museum, Blacksmithing
Richard Faulkner, Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, Horology
Janet Wicks, Rhône-Poulenc Agriculture Ltd, Quilting
Catherine Woodforde, Carvers & Gilders, Gilding

Ros Conway, Pâte-de-Verre
Angela Craft, Bookbinding
Nicola Dunn, West Dean College, Antique metal conservation
Jonathan Fraser, Probiotics Ltd, Garden design
James Hamill, Bee keeping
Rodney Harris, Brick modelling
Veronica Main, Straw-work
Stephen Mills, A E Chapman Ltd, Upholstery
Lisa Shekede, Courtauld Institute of Art, Domestic wall painting conservation

Rupert Alexander, Austin Reed Group Plc, Portrait Painting
Lee Collins, Farriery apprenticeship
Richard Drayton, Boat building
Rachel Shaw, Tameside College of Technology, Confectionery
Rebecca Hellen, Spink & Son Ltd, Easel painting conservation
Bex Marriott, Ms Jen Lindsay, Bookbinding
Peter Norrington, Cordwainers College, Western saddle making
Tim Wade, Professor Pennell, Woodcarving

Sean Athow, Michael Oswald Esq. CVO, Farriery apprenticeship
Deborah Carré, R E Tricker Ltd, Shoemaking
Alan Graystock , UK Skills, Scagliola
Sue Hudswell, Henry Maxwell & Co Ltd, Shoemaking
Anthea Laing, Upholstery
Heather Sproat, Harvey Nichols Ltd, Haute Couture
Peter Ting, Thomas Goode & Co Ltd, Ceramics

Claudia Clare, Primavera, Cambridge, Ceramics
Jonathan Harris, UK Skills, Woodcarving
Barbara Jones, Living Earth, Exeter, Lime plastering & cob building
Stephen Lewis, Fenland Laundries Ltd, Stained glass conservation
James Mackey, Musical instrument repair
James Shoulder, UK Skills, Geometrical staircase building
Lucinda Turner, Puppet carving

Juliet Bankes, Gilbertson & Page Ltd, Wood engraving
Matthew Caines, Classical figure carving
Charlotte de Syllas, Glass jewellery
Martin Haswell, Digital photography
Deirdre Hawken, Millinery
Sally Hayes, Woodturning
Sarah Hocombe, Fresco painting
Chris Melloy, Royal National College for the Blind, Piano tuning
John Poole, Gilding
Dunstan Rickhuss, Paint effects
John Rogers, Farriery apprenticeship
Edward Scharer, Conservation & restoration

2000 (June)
Richard Ball, Stone carving
Gabriela Denny, Portrait painting
Steven Garrett, UK Skills, Ecclesiastical Joinery
Rod Kelly, Silversmithing
Christopher McBeth, Farriery apprenticeship
Robert Ogborn, Decorative paint effects
Lai Symes, Millinery
Louisa Wood, Hemp weaving
Roy Youdale, Basket making

2000 (November)
Sarah Berry, Architectural woodcarving
Daniel Dorman, Boatbuilding
Michael Rhys Jones, Farriery apprenticeship
Sharon Smith, Interior design
Laura West, Bookbinding

2001 (June)
Christopher Chesher, Clock restoration
Pamela Howlett , Millinery
Jonathan Letcher, Musical instrument making
Steven Newell , Glassmaking

2001 (November)
Marcia Bennett Male , Stone carving & lettering
Wally Gilbert, Silversmithing
Adelaide Izat , Conservation of easel paintings
Anna Kettle , Decorative plasterwork
Amanda Lane , Photography
Mark Upton , Bronze casting

2002 (March)
Jon Beer, Furniture making & design
Piers Conway, Stone masonry
Shirley Justice-Vose, Side saddle design & manufacture
Elizabeth Monk, Craft pottery
Sanna Palosaari, John Lobb Ltd, Shoemaking

2002 (October)
Terry Adams, Winterborne Zelston Fencing, Cleaving
Rosanna Bankes, Decorative artist
Jessie Higginson, Ceramics
Chris Robinson, Clock restoration
Jill Smallcombe, Cob building and sculpture

2003 (March)
Zoë Cull, Stone letter cutting
Nicola Simpson, Botanical illustration
David Gundry, Stonemason
Adam Greenwell, Blacksmithing & forged iron work
Sarah Pennal, Stonemason

2003 (September)
Elizabeth Cheadle, Polychromed Timber conservation
Dr Brian Coles, Clock restoration
Cordaelia Craine, Leather Moulding
Matthias Garn, Stonemason
Elizabeth Meek, Bookbinding/Book conservation
Kaye Nelson, Farriery apprenticeship
Martin Penning, Double bass making

2004 (June)
Siân Evans, Coppersmithing
Bob Johnston, Basketmaking
Fiona Jones, A G Joy & Sons, Plasterwork conservation
Pete Lambert, Hedgelaying
Clive Lee, Bowed instrument making
Ben Murphy, Bronze sculpture conservation
Adam Peirson, Cookery
Mia Sarosi, Ceramics
Geoffrey Walker, Clock restoration

2004 (September)
Laura Cowling, Stonemason
Jacqueline Cullen, Whitby Jet Jewellery
Gillian Forbes, Stonecarving & lettercutting
Zoë Harding, Jewellery
Jill Jones, Botanical Illustration
Deborah Mitchell, Wood Fired Pottery
Malcolm Ruffell, Ladder Back Chair Making
Julian Stair, Monumental Thrown Pots
Louise Wilde, Animation

2005 (March)
Cheryl Branford-Peers, Textile Design
Jacqui Carey, Braidmaking
Edward Cheese, Book Conservation
Antonia Hockton, Stone Carving
Jung-Ji Kim, Jewellery
Suzy Merrifield, Wendy Keith Designs, Knitwear design
Annette Price, Photography
Janet Stoyel, Wire weaving
Tom Waugh, Architechtural stone carving

2005 (July)
Jane Fryers, Millinery
Rebecca Harvey, Ceramics
Adam Nash, Thatching
Ruth Partington, Paper Conservation
Brent Quilliam, Stonemasonry

2006 (January)
Rachael Hodgson, Intaglio Printing
Paul Gray, Farriery
Bernard Johnson, Stone carving
Garry Lewis, Winterborne Zelston Fencing, Woodsman & Cleaving
Timothy Phipps, Thatching
Hannah Taylor, Costume Design

2006 (June)
Paul Allison, Buttons Saddlery, Side Saddle Making
Gary Drostle, Mosaic Art
Tracy Holmes, Stained Glass Conservation
Jackie King, Digital Fine Art Photography
Aidan McEvoy, Furniture Making
Camilla Skovgaard, Women’s Footwear Design
Rhian Solomon, Textile/Print Design

2007 (January)
Jo Beney, Conservation
Kate Hetherington, Saddle & Harness Making
Katherine Howlett, Printed Textile Designing / Making
Sally Mangum, Calligraphy & Heraldic Art
Giles Morgan, Wood Carving
Simon Saggers, Hedge Laying & Hurdle Making
Melissa White, Painter Stainer

2007 (June)
William Davies, CWO Ltd, Stone Carving
Eugenie Degan, Violin Restoration
Kerry Lemon, Children’s Book Illustration
Alan Partridge, Organ Shallot Making
Anna Rolls, Metal Conservation
Felix Thornton-Jones, Sculpture and Decorative Arts Conservation
Carole Waller, Glass Painting & Enamelling

2008 (January)
Ruth Anthony, Holland & Holland, Gun Engraving (hand engraving and jewellery)
Su Blackwell, 3-D Paper Artistry
Jim Fleeting, Luthiery
Mel Howse, Glasspaint & Enamelling
Ben Marks, Square Piano Restoration & Conservation
Richard McGuinness, Classic Wooden Car Body Restoration
Rachel Sawicki, Book Conservation
Susannah Silver, Artisan Baking
Katie Rose Whiting, Shoe Design

2008 (June)
Eleanor Bird, Stained Glass Painting
Cai Jia Eng, 3-D Paper Artistry
Simon Foulser, Carpentry and Joinery
Marina Hughes, Decorative and Mural Artistry
Andrian Melka, Sculpture and Stone Carving
Laura Homer, Easel Painting Conservation
Martina Scott, Calligraphy and Illumination
Bethan Worthington, Ceramics

2009 (January)
Tom Adams, Orcharding
Thomas Brown, Stonecarving
Charles Collis, Double Bass Making
Hannah Griffiths, Mosaic Art
Maria Hagglund, RWHA, Gilding Restoration
Gail McGarva, Traditional Wooden Boatbuilding
Eyizera Phoenix, Children’s Book Illustration
Ann-Sofie Widegren, RWHA, Gilding Restoration
Jason Williams, Classic Car Restoration and Welding

2009 (June)
Sam Bakewell, Ceramics
Catherine Dand, Archive Conservation
Rose Forshall, Illustration
Grant McCaig, Silversmithing
Daniel Meek, Stonemasonry & Lettercutting
Jessica Poole, Jewellery Making & Design
Jenny Saunt, Stucco duro
Elizabeth Woolley, Wall Painting Conservation

2010 (January)
Polly Bell, Textile Design
Toby Gough, Paper & Book Conservation
Julie Heryet, Woodturning and Lathe Artistry
Will Kemp, Portrait Painting
James Kirby, Stonecarving
Reuben Marsh, Stonecarving
Jenny Pickford, Blacksmithing and Glass Blowing Artistry
Andrew Swinscoe, Cheese maturing – Affineur
Makiko Tsunoda, Paper and Book Conservation
Anja Von Kalinowski, Haute Couture Dressmaking and Embroidery

2010 (June)
Graham Ashford, Blacksmithing and Armoury
Tristram Bainbridge, Furniture Conservation
Grace Brennan, Scenic Painting for Theatre
Trevor Cain, Dolls’ House Conservation and Restoration
Sophie D’Souza, Stained Glass Painting
Jennifer Gray, Silversmithing & Jewellery
Gabriella Macaro, Easel Painting Conservation
Mia Sabel, Bespoke Leather Design

2011 (January)
Christabel Anderson, Icon Painting & Manuscript Illumination
Teresa Dybisz, Stonecarving
Wayne Hart, Lettercutting
Joseph Lotito, Violin Making
Daniel Maier, Fine Cabinet Making and Engraving
Nicola Mathews, Upholstery & Embroidery
Richard Mossman, Stonemasonry & Stonecarving
Katherine Pogson, Bespoke Leather Design

2011 (June)
Shelley Anderson, The Hedley Foundation, Coppersmithing
Jessica Edwards, Textile Design & Embroidery
Sarah Freeman, Easel Painting Conservation
Christopher Gransbury, Saddlery & Harness Making
Catrin Morgan, Illustration
Thomas Nicholls, Stonecarving
Cameron Short, Hand Block-Printed Wallpaper Design & Making
Hazel Thorn, Jewellery & Silversmithing

2012 (January)
Alastair Barford, Drawing & Painting
Effie Burns, Glass Engraving
Carey Ellis, Textile Design
Anthony Griffin, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Diamond Optical Setting
Beatrice Larkin, The Iliffe Family Charitable Trust, Woven Textiles
Mandeep Mann, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Textile Design
Emma Payne, The J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust, Archaeological & Museum Conservation
Meera Sleight, The Radcliffe Trust, Hand Embroidery
Megan Stacey, Stained Glass Conservation
Nina Thomas, The Radcliffe Trust, Farriery
Jonathan Williams, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Ceramics

2012 (June)
Anneliese Appleby, Printmaking
Nigel Bennet, Photographic Art & Printmaking
Jessica Coleman, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Mixed Media Textile Design
Steven Cook, The Carpenters’ Company, Diamond Jubilee Bog Oak Project
Jamie Coreth, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Portrait Painting & Realist Art
Susan Early, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Basket Making
Mary French, The Clothworkers’ Company, Book Conservation
Ruth Heenan, Cordwaining (specialising in footwear)
Timothy Hughes, The J Paul Getty Charitable Trust, Conservation & Restoration of Clocks
Anna Lorenz, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Jewellery & Silversmithing / Metalwork
Natasha Mann, The Radcliffe Trust, Traditional Moroccan Painting on Wood (Zouaq)
Rosanna Martin, Bendicks, Ceramics
Emma Nichols, The Clothworkers’ Company, Conservation
Tiffany Parkinson, The Worshipful Company of Saddlers’ Saddlery
Joey Richardson, The Carpenters’ Company, Wood Turning & Artistry
Lewis Robins-Grace, The Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers & The J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust, Conservation of Historic Objects & Buildings
Sarai Vardi, The Clothworkers’ Company, Book Conservation
Matthew Warner, The Eranda Foundation, Pottery & Ceramics
Mary Wing To, The Lethersellers’ Charitable Fund, Designing, Harness Making & Artisanal Leatherwork
Sophie Zajicek, Weave Design & Making

2013 (January)
Scott Benefield, The Eranda Foundation, Glassmaking
Flett Bertram, The Hedley Foundation, Embroidery and Textile Design
Helena Curry, Sculpture
Jocelyn Danby, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Saddlery
Kate Earlam, Silversmithing
Sarah Edwards, The Leathersellers’ Charitable Fund, Leather Goods Design and Making
Nick Gill, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Typefounding
Lucie Graham, The J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust, Natural History Conservation
Merlyn Griffiths, National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS), Stained Glass Conservation
Laura Jeary, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Stone Masonry and Building Conservation
Lida Marinkova, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Mixed Media Textile Design
Robin Mather, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Bicycle Design and Making
Ryan McClean, Silversmithing
Kate Montagne-MacDonald, The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, Architectural Scupture
Elizabeth Peers, Silversmithing
Gordon William Robertson, The Worshipful Company of Pewterers, Metalsmithing
Stephen Shoebridge, Bespoke Tailoring
Sophie Stamp, Silversmithing
Lauren Elizabeth Tidd, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Jewellery Design and Making
Stephen Tomlin, The Adam Connolly Memorial Fund, Green Wood Carving
Sarah Warsop, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Jewellery Design and Making
Nicola Watson, The Worshipful Company of Saddlers, Side Saddle Making and Resoration
Hollie White, Cordwaining

2013 (July)
Mark Angelo-Gizzi, The Leathersellers’ Charitable Fund, Leather Work
Benjamin Arnold, Hiscox Fine Art Insurance, Artist
Juliet Bailey, Woven Textile Design & Making
Clare Barnett, The Worshipful Company of Saddlers, Side Saddle Making
Franki Brewer, Woven Textile Design & Making
Gayle Cooper, Model Making & Prosthetics
Ruth Emily Davey, The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund, Cordwaining
Martin Earle, The Radcliffe Trust, Iconography
Emily Goodaker, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Jewellery Design and Making
Charlotte Hetheridge, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Textile Design & Making
Aalia Kamal, The J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust, Easel Paintings Conservation
Christopher Madlin, Stained Glass Design & Making
Tara Osborough, Bendicks, Textile Design & Making
Alexandra Pengelly, The Iliffe Family Charitable Trust, Textile Design & Knitwear
Benjamin Pointer, The Clothworkers’ Company, Book & Paper Conservation
Jennifer Price, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Artist & Printmaking
Jack Row, Silversmithing & Jewellery
Ben Short, The Ernest Cook Trust , Charcoal Burning & Coppicing
Thomas Skeens, The Rumi Foundation, Pottery & Ceramics
Oluwaseyi Sosanya Wood Work & Design Engineering
Tom Vowden, The Eranda Foundation , Stained Glass Conservation
Kate Wallwork, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Stonemasonry
Kirsten Walsh, The Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers, Wood & Stone Conservation

2014 (Spring)
Alan Moore, The Garfield Weston Foundation , Textiles
Alexandra Pye, The Carpenters’ Company, Woodworking/Classical guitar making
Billy Lloyd, The Eranda Foundation, Ceramic tableware
Eloise Caisley, The Worshipful Company of Saddlers, Saddlery/Leatherwork
Gillian Murphy, John Smedley Ltd. , Knitted textiles
Hannah Sutherland, The J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust, Historical costume conservation
Jorunn Hustoft, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Knitted textiles
Samantha Cawson, The Almary Green Awards , Paper Conservation
Susan Catcher, Paper conservation
Thomas Merrett, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Sculptor/Stonemasonry
Zoe Barnett, NADFAS, Stonemasonry
Wayne Meeten, Pamela de Tristan Scholarship, Goldsmith/Silversmith
Alison Heath, The Clothworkers’ Company & The Radcliffe Trust, Bookbinding
Steven Cugnoni, The Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers, Bricklayer/Building conservation
Isatu Hyde, Heritage Crafts Association (HCA), Ceramics

2014 (Summer)
Amy Dix, The Eranda Foundation, Stained Glass Conservation
Anne Petters, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Ceramics & Glass
Daniel Durnin, Johnnie Walker, Wood
Eddie Glew, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Rural Crafts
Felix Handley, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Arts
Imogen Woodings, The Brian Mercer Charitable Trust, Textiles
James Adair, The Worshipful Company of Saddlers, Leather
Jonathon Kelly, The J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust , Horology
Joseph Ward, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Conservation / Restoration
Kim Norrie, Johnston’s of Elgin, Textiles
Lauren Day, Bendicks, Textiles
Lisa McConniffe, The Iliffe Family Charitable Trust Textiles
Margaret Jones, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Textiles
Samuel Flintham, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Stone
Thomas Sands, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Wood

2015 Scholarships
Tomiwa Adeosun, Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund, Cordwaining
Claire Barrett, Heraldic Drafting
Fiona Batey, Rumi Foundation, Children’s Book Author & Illustrator
Kate Boucher, Radcliffe Trust, Mixed-media Textile Artist
Jade Crompton, Rumi Roundation, Ceramics & Digital Design
Caitlin Dowse, D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust, Painting Conservation
Sam Elgar, Kirby Laing Foundation, Stonemasonry
Alan Floyd, Iliffe Family Charitable Foundation, Coachbuilding
Emily Juniper, Clothworkers’ Company, Bookbinding
Jessica Leclere, John Smedley, Knitwear Design
Melanie Lewiston, Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund, Millinery
Manuel Mazzotti, Clothworkers’ Company, Bookbinding
Clare Pattinson, Automata & Mechanical Art
Martin Preshaw, Carpenters’ Company Irish Union (Uilleann), Pipes
Helen Reader, Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund, Saddlery
Anoush Waddington, Bendicks, Jewellery & Fashion Accessories
Jessica Wetherly, NADFAS, Figurative Sculpture
Joanne Wood, Ernest Cook Trust, Clogmaking

2016 Scholarships (Spring)
Amy Collins, Printed Textile Design
Amy Goodwin, Traditional Sign Painting
Annemarie O’Sullivan, D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust, Basket Making
Auburn Claire Lucas, Traditional Hand Embroidery
Aurora Pettinari-York, Hand Embroidery
Benjamin Smith, Sir Siegmund Warburg Settlement, Fine Art
Coralie Chung (HCA), Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund, Saddlery
Daniel Harrison, Howdens Joinery, Furniture Designing and Making
David Snoo Wilson, Bell Casting
Francesca Levey, The J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust, Metals Conservator
Hayley Gibbs, Kirby Laing Foundation, Stone Carving
Jack Darach, The Worshipful Company of Turners, Woodwind Instrument Making
Jennie Adamson, Diageo – Johnnie Walker, Bespoke Tailoring
Kayo Saito, Jewellery Design and Making
Lora Avedian, John Smedley, Embroidery and Textile Design
Louise Parry, Silversmithing and Timepiece Making
Manasi Ravatia-Depala, Clarins, Jewellery and Silversmithing
Mario Sierra, Rokill, Hand Loom Weaving
Naomi Nevill, Dengie Crops, Enamelling and Jewellery Design
Nick Hobbs, Bendicks, Trompe L’oeil and Mural Artist
Poppy Field, The Finnis Scott Foundation, Sculpture
Rowan McOnegal, Stained Glass and Printmaking
Sabina Weiss, The Cambridge Satchel Company, Product Design and Furniture Making

2017 Scholarships (Spring)
Celia Dowson, Tom Helme, Ceramics
Hannah Tounsend, Howdens, Ceramics
James Banham, Cabinet Making
Lily Marsh, Howdens, Stone Masonry
John Sutcliffe, Kirby Laing Foundation, Stone Masonry and Sculpture
Frances Pinnock, Garfield Weston Foundation, Cordwaining
Anton Cataldo, Charlotte Bonham-Carter Charitable Trust, Fine Art
Heidi Broad, Professor Mark Kaufman, Fine Art
Matthew Cook, Architectural Stonemasonry Conservation
Marie Doinne, Ernest Cook Trust, Bookbinding
Harry Forster-Stringer, Bendicks, Enamelling, Silversmithing and Engraving
Cara Louise Walker, Penhaligon’s, Glass Blowing, Casting and Silversmithing
Craig Struthers, Johnnie Walker, Horology
Matthew Briggs, House of Fraser, Knitted Textiles
Candice Lau (HCA), Worshipful Company of Leathersellers, Leatherwork
Phoebe Corker-Marin, Garfield Weston Foundation, Doll Making
Thea Sanders, Knitted Textiles and Upholstery

2018 Scholarships (Spring)
Alice Walton, Carole Bamford, Ceramics
Gillian Stewart, Jenifer Emery, Bookbinding
Jack Waygood, Axe Forging
Jason Mosseri, Windsor Chair Making
Jemma Gunning, Johnnie Walker, Printmaking
Jénnifer González Corujo, London Art History Society, Easel Painting Conservation & Restoration
Joe Milne, Stonemasonry
Kaja Upelj, Glassmaking
Kendall Francis, Finnis Scott Foundation, Easel Painting Conservation & Restoration
Laura Adburgham, D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust, Textiles
Maud van den Broecke, Cordwainers’ Company, Bespoke Shoemaking
Otis Ingrams, Leathersellers’ Company, Leather Working
Paul Jefferies, Edith Murphy Foundation, Percussion Instrument Making
Rosanna Bishop, Printed Textiles
Thomas Vaughan, Howdens, Wood and Metalworking
Zoe Watts, Silversmithing