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  • Sleepeezee presents big cheque

    At the Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace in September, Sleepeezee handed over a cheque for £36,000 to QEST Chairman, Nick Crean and Executive Director, Deborah Pocock. Sleepeezee have been raising funds through sales of their special collection and to date have donated over £75,000 to QEST.



    Sleepeezee QEST Collection

    Each mattress is handcrafted in the UK by Sleepeezee and embroidered with the QEST logo, a reminder that for every QEST mattress or divan set sold a donation is made to QEST.
    Every product sold by us with the QEST logo generates a contribution to the charity, whose core objective is to sustain British craftsmanship, a vision shared by Sleepeezee and one that is very close to our hearts.
    As a UK manufacturer we recognise the need to maintain historical skills used within our industry over hundreds of years and are committed to encouraging excellence in traditional craftsmanship.


    – Howard Wilson, Sleepeezee Managing Director
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