The River Within: A Photographic Journey Through London by Kayak by Annette Price


    As part of Totally Thames 2019, a month-long celebration of the River Thames through a diverse programme of creative events and experiences, QEST Scholar Annette Price will be presenting The River Within: A Photographic Journey Through London by Kayak at the Riverside Gallery in Richmond from 2 September.

    Two years ago Annette began exploring the 215 mile length of the Thames, from source to sea, and documenting her travels in photographs. With every picture taken from her kayak, a few inches from the water, her works give you a unique and intimate perspective of the river.  Annette explores beneath pontoons, inside tunnels, up tributaries and between houseboats.  Covering both ancient and contemporary London, from boats and buildings to riverbed art and misty sunrises, the familiar Thames is re-framed seen from the intimate perspective of the water.

    Kayaking photography must be planned to work with the ever-changing tides, erratic currents and the waves created by the wind blowing against the tide and wash from passing boats. Juggling these changing elements creates constantly renewing opportunities to reveal hidden gems, as she looks outwards from the River Within.

    2 September – 16 November 2019

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