QEST Scholar & Trustee Peter Ting to Feature in V&A Exhibition


    It is traditionally believed that the first porcelain to arrive in Europe was brought from Dehua, China by Marco Polo in 1295 and known as Blanc de Chine, literally meaning white from China. A new display opening at the Victoria & Albert museum this week retells the story of porcelain-making in Dehua, showing historic pieces from the museum’s ceramics collection alongside a selection of new works by contemporary makers including QEST Scholar & Trustee Peter Ting. 

    In 2016 Peter co-founded Ting-Ying gallery which is dedicated to presenting unique and limited edition works in Blanc de Chine porcelain from Dehua. They work with a wide group of artists whose expression of form is increasingly diverse, yet still retains as a starting point the shared history and language of Blanc de Chine porcelain. 

    Artists including Babs Haenen, Lucille Lewin, Liang Wanying, Jeffry Mitchell and Su Xianzhong, will have pieces featured in the exhibition. Alongside the historic pieces, the display will build a bridge between the past and the present, tradition and innovation and break the boundary of Chinese and non-Chinese ceramic practices.

    5 September 2019 – 10 May 2020

    For more details see:  https://bit.ly/31ZD7Bi

    Display supported by www.thomasgoode.com

    For more about Ting Ying: www.ting-ying.com

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