James Harrison Releases New Screenprint to Raise Funds for Endangered Albatross


    QEST Scholar James Harrison and his brother Ed have shared an interest in the natural world from a young age.  Fascinated with wildlife, they would keep beetles in matchboxes, collect fossils and breed exotic stick insects in their attic.  The brothers have spent the last two decades exploring wild places and becoming aware of the impact humans are having on our planet.  In 2015 they delved into a discussion on conservation issues and how their generation is living through the sixth mass extinction.  Inspired to do something proactive they brought together their skill sets of designing, illustrating and screen printing to create a project that focuses on awareness and action for endangered species and Under The Skin was born.  Together they create prints to raise awareness and money for endangered animals.  Their limited edition screen prints are a hand-crafted celebration of species from across the globe with a powerful underlying message.  Under UV light the phosphorescent skeleton is exposed; all that remains when a species falls into the darkness of extinction.

    The latest addition to their print collection is The Wandering Albatross.  All 22 subspecies of Albatross are currently under threat from industrial fishing, ocean plastics, invasive species and changing global temperatures.  20% of proceeds from sales of The Albatross Courtship screenprint will go to the Albatross Task Force, an essential collaboration set up between the RSPB and Birdlife International to protect these iconic birds.  The unique 16 layer print has been handcrafted in a limited edition of 30, available from the brothers’ website www.undertheskin.co.uk

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