Adam Tulk

2019 QEST Apprentice - Glassblowing

Dartington Crystal was established in 1967 as one of Dartington Hall Trust’s Social Enterprise in North Devon. It quickly became the most recognized manufacturer of simple yet functional glassware in the UK, with a vision built on a clean and simple design style using handmade age-old techniques from Scandinavian roots.

Adam started at Dartington in 2017 in the finishing department and has recently began an apprenticeship as a glass blower and furnace technician. As the only large scale producer of handmade crystal in the UK, QEST is supporting Adam over a 3 year programme to develop the necessary skills to blow high quality glass. Adam will also be learning to mix chemicals into the glass batch and load and operate the furnaces.

Once completing my initial training I aim to further my craft, become a master glass blower and furnace technician and one day be able to run both departments. I also would like to pass my skills and knowledge on to future apprentices.