Heather Fisher

2018 QEST Howdens Apprentice - Horology

Founded by Craig and Rebecca Struthers, watchmaker and antiquarian horologist, the Struthers Watchmakers studio combines their experience in vintage and antique watch restoration, design and research.

British watchmaking courses only take students to lower technician level, so the Struthers have developed a training plan and are sourcing work to provide their first employee and QEST Howdens Apprentice, Heather, with a thorough grounding from servicing and restoration to design drawing and lathe work. Craig will also pass on his case making skills, acquired on his QEST Johnnie Walker Scholarship in 2017, and Heather will attend Computer Aided Design courses.

The historical craft of watchmaking continues to have a strong presence in the complex mechanisms people buy today. I am learning these skills at the bench with Craig and Rebecca on nearly 300 years of watchmaking history and they are encouraging me to find aspects to pursue as my specialty.