Will Rapley

2021 QEST Dulverton Trust Apprentice - Glasswork

Glassworker Will is currently training at Saffron Waldon-based glass studio, Batch – a small workshop producing bespoke glass, lighting and tableware. His QEST Apprenticeship will allow him to step beyond his current role as glass assistant, to become a production blower. With the skills he will acquire, he will be able to take on more responsibilities and he also aspires to teach his skills to others and promote the traditional skills of glassblowing and glassworking. 

During the apprenticeship, Will will gain considerable practice at the bench, as well as learning maintenance and other equipment-related skills. Together, these experiences will improve his confidence and his ability to demonstrate and convey his skills. Upon completing his apprenticeship, he intends to become a professional glassblower and glassworker, and he wants to make use of as many traditional and heritage skills as he can. He will make both repeatable production work and original artwork. He also hopes that, when he sets up his own studio, he will be able to teach glass-skills by running courses ranging from “experience courses” to advanced skills. 

“(If you’re) Starting to try to be a musician or artist, something like that, because you wanna make money, because you wanna do a job, that’s the wrong way, you have to do this because you love it, and it doesn’t matter if you’re broke, you’re still gon’ do it” -Roy Hargroves
This is exactly why I make glass.