Fung & Bedford – Event Horizon



Fedrigoni paper, foam board

100x100x20 cm



We’ve created a brand-new piece using the same square model unit which reduce in size and height and aperture. In this case in a circular formation. We designed this in Rhino Grasshopper, which we learned with support of our QEST Scholarship.

In astrophysics, an event horizon is a boundary beyond which events cannot affect an observer. Because the universe is expanding, there are objects that will never be visible, as their light will never reach us. 

The works remind us of our relationship with deep space and as you gaze out towards the horizon: the meeting between the square units that we’ve create that are reducing in size as you go into the centre of the circle – where is the horizon and where is the limit? There is always the question that beyond those squares that you can actually see, how many more are out of sight, quietly witnessing events beyond our view?Event Horizon engages the desire to look and look again at these squares in a new way. 

We’ve used Fedrigoni paper which is printed on one side by FE Burman with an ombré effect, which that gives the outer circle a gentle glow that you may not have noticed at first.


Fung + Bedford (F+B) is the multi-disciplinary studio of Angela Fung and Ashley Bedford. Together, they are renowned for their bespoke, origami-inspired installations and wall art which immerse the viewer in a space of quiet contemplation.

Made by hand with exquisite skill and machine scored for ultimate precision, F+B’s structures clad walls and ceilings, are free hanging, or wind across spaces, bringing beauty, calm and serenity. Settings have included homes, galleries (Saatchi Gallery), museums (CODA, Netherlands), offices (McKinsey) and everything in between.

F+B came about origami via grief: Angela was researching origami when her father passed away. Mindfully folding long panels of paper became her therapy and ‘Architectural Origami’ was born. Angela’s background is as an award-winning jeweller and concert pianist, and Ashley is trained in architecture and silversmithing: the combination of architectural experience, jewellers’ fine eye and origami folding techniques has led to their abstract yet modern approach. They and those who have encountered their work feel the benefit of the mindful folding energy emitted via the artists’ hands – “Unfold the Moment”.

Previously self-taught in origami, Angela was awarded a QEST Winch Design Scholarship in 2022 to further hone her skills by studying advanced origami techniques with master craftsman Ilan Garibi, bookbinding techniques with Nadine Verner, and undertaking courses in Rhino 3D to enable the development of her designs. F+B’s work has previously been shortlisted for the Concord Art Prize and continues to gain momentum with commissions and opportunities unfolding across the globe.

We are delighted that Fung + Bedford were shortlisted for the Brookfield Properties Craft Award for their architectural origami represented by QEST at Collect 2024. The award, created in partnership with the Crafts Council, is considered the leading contemporary craft prizes in the UK, recognising an artist and their gallery who have demonstrated vision, talent, achievement and contributed to craft practice in the UK.

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