Justyna Medon – Sea Florals (Deconstructed Wall Hangings Series)


Hand screen printed silk panel, wallpaper offcuts
120×160 cm

Sea Florals is a new piece from Justyna’s Deconstructed Wall Hangings Series, featuring her coral reef wallpaper and printed fabric. Made from approximately 596 pieces of recycled wallpaper, stitched together, and attached to hand printed silk fabric panel, each wall hanging investigates colour, texture, image and deconstructs their “order” running away from the “pattern”. The main goal is to create an art piece that corresponds with Addicted to Patterns’ hand-crafted wall hangings by using wallpaper off cuts generated by the studio and turning them into a new form.


Justyna is a surface designer specialising in hand-printed wallpapers & textiles and historic wallpaper reproductions. Linear and organic motifs express extraordinary language, filled with mystery and symbolism.

Justyna has researched both wallpaper conservation and reproduction for heritage buildings across the UK. Her research has led her to paper conservation to enable her to preserve historic wallpapers and prints and become an expert in this area.

With support of a QEST Scholarship, Justyna is undertaking a postgraduate diploma in paper conservation at City & Guilds of London Art School and one-to-one training with Allyson McDermott in wallpaper conservation, printing and reproduction methods.

QEST Sanderson Rising Star Craft Award

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