Amelia Crowley-Roth
Wood Work
Radcliffe Trust
Summer | 2014

Down an old alleyway and through musty corridors in the heart of Peckham, is a bright workshop where Amelia spends her time designing, gilding and wood carving. As the daughter of luthiers, she has always been surrounded by fine woodwork and beautiful objects.

Amelia is a Sculptor who works mostly with Wood Carving and Gilding. She came to London to follow her dream of learning a craft like her Luthier parents and found City & Guilds of London Art School where she had rigorous training in the fields of painting, drawing and design. Whilst at the school she completed the Ornamental Woodcarving & Gilding course, which incorporated her passion for design with her love of wood and craft. She started the course knowing that she could only afford, with help, one year but also knowing that she could not pass this opportunity up. Without the generous help from QEST and the Radcliffe Trust, Amelia would not be practicing the dwindling art of woodcarving today.

Amelia is now looking to expand her workshop and work with other carvers to take on ever bigger projects. She is continuing with her collection of Alice in Wonderland based furniture, which she is planning to showcase this winter, alongside working on commissions from private clients and interior designers.


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