Anne Petters
Ceramics & Glass
Garfield Weston Foundation
Summer | 2014

Anne Petters is a multi media artist with a strong background in glass art. She has been trained and worked in the field of glass design.

In 2009 she received a Diploma in Fine Arts/ Glass from the Institute of Ceramic and Glass Art in Germany and in 2011 the Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Alfred University, New York. Anne Petters is showing work in glass museums and art institutions in Europe and the USA. Born in Dresden in 1978 she grew up in the German Democratic Republic. She understands the political change in her country, which she experienced as a displacement of reality, as a basic influence on her lifestyle and artistic work. Her interest in controlling and displaying moments of our fleeting, vulnerable existence leads her to a poetic, metaphoric use of glass and other materials, including natural phenomena.

The QEST Scolarship will enable her to create a new body of work whilst artist in residence at the renowned Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington in fall 2014. Anne is developing a specific pate de verre process which offers new sculptural possibilities with the material glass. using traditional craft methods in an inventive and contemporary way, rethinking the unique physical, aesthetic and metaphoric qualities of glass.

Anne is currently based in Edinburgh where she just finished a one-year project as visiting artist at the Edinburgh College of Art.


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