Anneliese Appleby
Summer | 2012

Anneliese specialist field is Printmaking, having taught for 10 years and completed a masters degree in the subject.   Her Scholarship has enabled he to work with Martin Clark at Tilley Letterpress Printing in Ledbury, Herefordshire and with the support of John Randle at The Whittington Press near Cheltenham, learning the principles of traditional Letterpress Printing.

The QEST scholarship has enabled Anneliese to continue learning her craft in a very specific field and to work alongside experts.  Through this she is gaining expert tuition from practising Master craftsmen at a level of teaching that is not available in Academic institutions or Universities.  It is also providing invaluable commercial experience in day-to-day accounting and management of a small business.

Anneliese says “The scholarship has enabled me to take a huge ‘step up’ in my own creative expectations and to see another vista in the potential of my craft. It has also provided a wonderful motivational boost with QEST’s heralding and asserting the value of craftsmanship.”  She feels that neither of these changes in her outlook would have occurred without the support of QEST.  

Since beginning the scholarship she has been involved with, and been responsible for, a diversity of projects, from learning the ‘bread and butter’ tasks of printing business cards and invoice books, to more creative projects such as producing Letterpress posters which incorporate hand-cut Lino prints.  Anneliese is in the process of setting up her own Printing Studio near Malvern, Worcestershire, where she is intending to continue working, producing a range of Hand Printed Linocut Wallpapers incorporating, where possible, letterpress in the designs. 


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