Antonia Hockton
Stone Work
Spring | 2005

Antonia’s studio is in Suffolk’s county town of Ipswich, where she carves stone sculpture. She works to commission as an artist/maker and sells through craft societies and galleries. The QEST scholarship came at a time when she was honing her skills as a carver and was eager to see as many examples of carving as possible. This experience as a journeyman carver allowed her to draw on a wide range of imagery and skills.

She continues to run the two sides of her business; the creation of new carved sculpture and the conservation of ancient stone sculpture. Her distinctive sculptural style is easily recognisable as her own with its calm tranquility and use of pigment combined with the natural stone surface. Her conservation clients over the years include the Victoria and Albert Museum, many parish churches and her main client New College, Oxford, where she cares for all their stone sculpture.