Asten Metters
Gun Making
Metal Work
John Apthorp Charity
Autumn | 2017

Asten has been a keen shooter from an early age. His enjoyment of the sport led to his interest in undertaking an apprenticeship with gun maker Stephane Dupille. Stephane has been in the trade for 26 years and wants to pass on his skills and knowledge to a younger generation of gun makers. England is one of the few countries left that still produces bespoke hand-made guns.

The Gun making trade in the UK is famous worldwide. Game and clay shooting are popular and therefore Stephane believes that in order to meet the demand, the skills of gun making need to be handed down. The craft requires a diverse range of skills, and it takes time and patience to learn these skills.

There is no official course in the U.K where one can learn to become a gun maker (there are only two in the world, Belgium and Austria), and therefore Stephane emphasises the importance of an apprenticeship within this trade. Stephane intends to train Asten in an array of skills, eventually having him specialise in gun finishing.


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