Aurora Pettinari-York
Hand Embroidery
Radcliffe Trust
Spring | 2016

Born in Milan in 1982, Aurora Pettinari York completed her studies at the Liceo Classico before moving to London to study Drama and Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths.

Upon graduation in 2005, she relocated to New York where she began assisting set designers sourcing and making props. She discovered that objects can be eloquent story tellers and became fascinated with their narrative potential. Five years later, she moved back to London and carried on sourcing and styling objects for theatre and interior projects. In the meantime, she cultivated her passion for drawing which eventually led to embroidery. Initially, she was drawn to embroidery to give a physical dimension to her drawings. In 2013, she started training at the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) where she was taught all the traditional techniques of hand embroidery, including Goldwork, Blackwork and Stumpwork. In March 2016, she graduated from the RSN with a Merit.

Aurora is currently working on her first collection of embroidered objects for the home, including unique pieces and limited editions. All her projects start with an original drawing for the embroidery, which she executes and sets to found objects. She is fascinated by the representation of the human figure in Classical and Archaic iconography, a constant source of inspiration for her work.

QEST will fund a series of Post Diploma Technical Mentoring Sessions run by the RSN for Aurora to get support and feedback on her new project.


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