Billy Lloyd
Ceramic tableware
Eranda Foundation
Spring | 2014

Billy gained a BA (Hons) Ceramics from Camberwell College of Art and Design and completed a year apprenticeship with Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery before embarking upon a four-year apprenticeship with QEST scholar and renowned potter, Julian Stair.  Billy has been successfully designing and making bespoke ceramic tableware and interior accessories for a wide range of clients since he established his own studio in 2011.   Billy has received many accolades including the Cockpit Arts Awards was a 'mentee' on the 2013 Walpole Crafted Programme.

The QEST funding will enable Billy to attend a one-to-one master course with Ceramic Designer, Ed Bentley at his workshop, Manifold Craft Barn in Staffordshire, home of The Potteries.  This intensive collaboration will ensure that he can move into the next phase of his making career and become proficient in plaster model and mould making, thus developing his skills as a designer and maker of durable tableware suitable for batch production from his own studio.


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