Charlotte de Syllas
Jeweller, Lapidary & Designer
| 1999

Charlotte is one of the finest artist-jewellers working in Britain, having been awarded prestigious prizes and honours including the Jerwood Prize for Jewellery and the Goldsmiths’ Crafts Councils prize for Stone Cutting and Cameo Carving in 1995, and the Goldsmiths’ Company Award in 2007.

Using gemstones and hardstones as the main material, Charlotte carves the stones to create objects to wear and decorate. Colour is an important feature of her work, as she exploits the tones of gemstones, while metal is a secondary necessity in her design.

As carving gemstones is expensive and time consuming, Charlotte was interested in exploring the possibilities of glass in order to develop a more profitable branch of her work. Her QEST Scholarship allowed her to research casting methods at the Glass Department of Wolverhampton University. The skill of casting glass in such fine proportions is attainable, but requires a great deal of experimentation and therefore time to make it reliable.

Charlotte worked on bespoke pieces for commission for most of her career, but now works with the Electrum Gallery, London as well. Her work has been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Goldsmiths’ Hall and the Crafts Council.


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