Chika Iwenofu
Jacquard Woven Textiles
Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation
Autumn | 2017

Chika Iwenofu is a graduate of Central Saint Martin’s where she received her BA (Hons) in Textile Design in 2016. Her apprenticeship will be undertaken at Gainsborough where Chika will develop the key technical skills needed to design and produce bespoke fabrics for Gainsborough.

Through a combination of ‘on the job’ learning as well as structured study sessions, she will acquire a working understanding of all areas of design. This includes the use of specialised weaving software (CAD), developing a knowledge of our existing woven archive and learning the traditional design process for weaving on the 1930s Hattersley looms which Gainsborough have. Chika hopes to develop commercial and industry awareness as well as professional communication skills both verbally and non-verbally through client project management, delivering presentations and working with clients to develop bespoke designs.

The learning process to attain all necessary knowledge takes at least 3 years and she will be working with the Design Manager through a range of projects spanning all areas of designing for Gainsborough’s production.

Chika plans to build a long-term career in the textile weaving industry and is looking forward to growing as an independent designer at Gainsborough. She wants to add value and contribute to the growth of the company. Gainsborough has a rich history with previous designers building on their archive that is so often used by clients. Chika wants to contribute meaningfully to this history and build on Gainsborough’s foundation to ensure knowledge and skills are sustained and continued in the UK.


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