Chris Melloy
Piano Tuning
Royal National College for the Blind
| 1999

Chris Melloy is a Piano Tuner and Repairer offering a service in the fine tuning and repair and servicing of both upright and grand pianos. Based in Lichfield, Staffordshire he covers an area of approximately 25 mile radius taking in the towns and cities of Birmingham, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Cannock, Stafford and Burton On Trent and all villages within. Established in 1990 having completed a 3 year course in Piano Tuning and Repair at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford, Chris started out mainly fine tuning pianos and carrying out minor repairs and referred any jobs requiring greater attention to local colleagues.

After a few years he needed to look at extra courses in order that I could gain the expertise and confidence in the general servicing of pianos and take on more challenging tasks. In 1999 he applied for, and was granted a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship which paid for 12 weeks of extra training, 6 of which he did at the Royal National College in Hereford where he learnt a great deal about servicing and repairing pianos, including some re-stringing, replacing worn out components and general decision making as to what tasks to tackle with a particular piano and why. The remaining 6 weeks were spent practicing some of these newly acquired skills in a work environment with colleagues (work experience) and seeking technical advice etc.

The Scholarship has enabled Chris to expand his business and carry out more servicing and repairs to pianos and increase his customer base to include professional musicians and other influential clients, including Birmingham Conservatoire where the highest standards are always expected.

In addition to regular contractual and concert tunings at Birmingham Conservatoire, during the Summer Chris undertook a major servicing and deep cleaning job on a music teacher’s piano which lasted 2 and a half days. The work included replacement of some broken or loose key coverings and a complete fine regulating of the piano’s action and keyboard to vastly improve the pianist’s experience of the piano and to bring the instrument back to excellent order. Chris plans to continue the way things are now and expand further his technical knowledge of the repair and servicing of pianos according to manufacturer’s specifications and continue to offer an excellent service for clients.


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