Claudia Clare
| 1998

Claudia Clare is a potter who also writes. She was represented by Francis Kyle Gallery, London, from 2009-2014 when the gallery closed. She is currently writing a book, ‘Subversive Ceramics,’ to be published by Bloomsbury, December 2015. She co-authored ‘The Pot Book with Edmund de Waal, (Phaidon, 2011), and also writes regularly for Ceramic Review. She lives and works in London.

Claudia makes large, painted pots that record the effect of social change and historic events on ordinary lives. ‘Pots,’ she says, ‘are our museum pieces and our archaeological evidence: mine are the contemporary version.’ In 2013 she was selected for the Award Show 2013 for the British Ceramics Biennial and, in the same year, took part in ‘In the Name of Honour,’ a major show of international artists in support of a domestic and honour-based violence charity. Writing in the Financial Times, (2012), the critic Jackie Wullschlager wrote: ‘This is history painting from a democratic viewpoint, in a domestic medium, which celebrates the handmade material object as well as art’s political subversion.’

Since getting the QEST scholarship sixteen years ago, Claudia has moved from grant-maintained artist to artist-scholar – she completed her PhD at the University of Westminster in 2007 – to represented artist and published writer. Claudia will continue to show her work and is planning more books.


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