Daniel Meek
Letter Cutting
Summer | 2009

Daniel Meek, the Norfolk based sculptor and letter carver, produces highly carved memorials, one-off commemorative plaques and conceptual sculptures. In 2009, thanks to his QEST scholarship, he was able to receive advanced tuition from Teucer Wilson, Britain’s foremost letter carver and memorial sculptor. Previously, for several years, he was a member of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s team responsible for restoring First and Second World War monuments throughout the country.

Daniel’s activities and achievements since receiving his QEST scholarship have been many and varied, including: carving a York stone plaque to commemorate the Queen’s Coronation Festival (now on permanent display at Buckingham Palace); travelling to India to source unusual stones for future projects; gaining the C&G Highly Commended Award for stone carving and letter cutting, presented to him at Buckingham Place by Princess Anne; graduating from and receiving a Foundation Degree from Kensington Palace (Princes Drawing School), where he studied calligraphy and lettering design.

The QEST scholarship has provided many opportunities for Daniel, and he has exciting plans for the future. In 2016, for example, he will stage a major London exhibition of his latest conceptual work, using rare and unusual stones from throughout the world.


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