Dominic Casey
Shoe Making
Leathersellers' Company
Autumn | 2018

Dominic Casey has worked as a bespoke shoemaker for 35 years. He has a Mayfair atelier, workshop in Sussex, teaches the only last making course in the UK, and helped to establish the MA in Footwear Design at the Royal College of Art.

Keen to learn leather carving from celebrated teachers in the US, Dominic is travelling to Arizona for the Southwest Leather Workers Trade Show. He will spend the week attending workshops to learn the design and techniques to create flowers, leaves, scrolls and other features of classical ‘Sheridan’ style tooling, then onto Oregon for one-to-one tuition with award-winning craftsmen, Takeshi ‘Yone’ Yonezawa.

“I plan to incorporate these decorative designs and carving techniques, learned from the best in the world on my QEST Leathersellers' Company Scholarship, into my English long boots to create a fresh, distinctive product.”


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