Elizabeth Peers
Metal Work
Spring | 2013

Elizabeth Auriol Peers is an award-winning silversmith, making distinctive, tactile and feminine silverware that is functional, yet subtly sculptural. Her pieces echo the shapes of the human body and study our skin and its markings. She also explores how fabric undulates, moves and folds around us, both revealing and concealing parts of the body beneath. The silver’s surface is a continuous flow of movement and changing textures. The characteristic folds, curves and varying textures in her work are created using traditional hand-raising and chasing techniques, using hammers and formers, often made by her own hand.

The QEST Scholarship allowed Elizabeth to study under the master chaser, and fellow QEST scholar, Rod Kelly in his workshop in Shetland. Her training was spent learning and developing these traditional techniques of chasing and raising, alongside many others vital to her trade.

Elizabeth has recently moved away from London and is setting up a workshop in her home town of Bristol, UK.