Emma Hamilton
Saddlers’ Company
Autumn | 2018

Emma Hamilton’s passion for horses led her to obtain qualifications in Horse Care, Mathematics of Bits and Bitting, Lorinery Science, and a BSc in Equine Science. In 2018, after completing her Level 1 Bridle, she approached Master Saddler Laura Simpson at Amayzing Saddlery in Linwood; Laura had just taken on an apprentice, but offered Emma part-time work.

The QEST Saddlers’ Company Apprenticeship means that Emma can be employed full time, with three days a week dedicated to training in stitching, saddle fitting and bridle making, and attend the courses and examinations at the Saddlery Training Centre necessary to become a Qualified Saddler.

“During my three years with Laura, I will also shadow an equine physiotherapist and biomechanics specialist to gain insights that I can apply to saddle making and fitting, and hope to use my Equine Science degree and creative design skills to contribute to advancements in saddlery.”