Enna Coates
Windsor Chair Making
Wood Work
PF Charitable Trust
Spring | 2018

Enna holds City & Guilds Level 2 Diplomas in Furniture Making and Wood Machining and works as a junior machinist at Sitting Firm Chairmakers, a leading Windsor chair workshop in the West Midlands.

Backed by QEST and the PF Charitable Trust, she will be apprenticed at the company to master, Dave Green. He will teach Enna traditional manufacture by steam bending wood and its modern evolution - lamination with veneers and resins - so she can select materials, machine, assemble and finish any piece of furniture from a technical drawing.

“I am also excited to be spending time with designer Katie Walker, known for her award-winning interpretation of the Windsor rocking chair, and to understand the relevance of craft in contemporary furniture.”


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