Franki Brewer
Woven Textile Design & Making
Summer | 2013

Franki Brewer hand-weaves textiles from her Bristol based design studio Dash & Miller alongside business partner Juliet Bailey. She uses handlooms to weave fabric concepts which are utilised by the fashion and interior textile industries.

The QEST scholarship has enabled Franki and Juliet to embark on their self-led internship into the industrial world of UK textile manufacture, broadening their knowledge of the craft and its relationship to the manufacturing process. With the aid of the scholarship, Franki has visited textile manufacturers and processors across the UK, learning about many of the techniques and processes involved with fabric production, from fibre harvest right through to textile finishing and dyeing.

Inspired by the research and training made possible by QEST, Dash & Miller studio has invested in a state-of-the-art jacquard handloom allowing greater intricacy and creative possibility within their woven designs, leading to design work more relevant to the wider industry whilst allowing Franki to retain her unique aesthetic.

Franki and Juliet hope to expand on the relationships formed with the many UK textiles professionals they were fortunate enough to meet during their travels and will continue to work to raise awareness of the relevance of craft within the UK and global textiles industry.


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