Garry Lewis
Forestry & Cleaving
Rural Craft
Winterborne Zelston Fencing
Spring | 2006

Garry Lewis aged 40 was proposed for a scholarship by Royal Warrant Holding Company Winterborne Zelston Fencing.  Garry, based in Dorset, under the guidance of Richard Bower, owner of Winterborne Zelston Fencing had practised the ancient art of wood cleaving, which is to split timber - mainly oak and chestnut - along the grain, using traditional tools and methods which creates a more durable and aesthetically pleasing finish than modern sawn timber.  Out of the cleft oak that Garry produces, gates, fences, bridges, garden furniture and many more products are made. 

His scholarship has allowed him to continue to learn and work to understand the history and art behind cleft timber and also to display the art of cleaving at country shows and wood fairs. 

Since his scholarship, Garry has continued to work with Winterborne Zelston Fencing on bigger and bolder projects from design to actually producing the finished product.  Through Winterborne Zelston Fencing Garry took part in last year's Coronation Festival producing timber that was used to make the garden furniture for the Queen's summerhouse during the show of which he was very proud.  In the future he will continue to ply his trade and pass on his knowledge to others.  He is very grateful to Winterborne Zelston Fencing and QEST for being given this opportunity.


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