Hazel Thorn
Metal Work
Summer | 2011

Hazel’s sculptural vessels are an exploration and celebration of experimental metalwork techniques. She combines metals and then patinates the resulting object to create bold patterns and colours in her work. ‘I think that the making process of an object should be integral to its design, and the role of patination in my work is to reveal how something was made, highlighting joining seams or areas of different materials,’ explains Hazel. Observation of natural materials such as tree bark and disintegrating manmade objects informs her work, appearing in an abstracted way in the patterns and forms she creates.

The scholarship from QEST allowed Hazel to study for an MFA degree at Edinburgh College of Art. She used this course to further explore and refine the experimental mixed-metal fusing techniques which she had started to develop during her undergraduate degree.

Hazel is now using this new body of work to launch her career as a silversmith, with several exhibition invites over the next year. Until September 2015 Hazel will be an Artist in Residency at ECA, after which she plan to set up her own workshop.


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