Helena Curry
Sculpture & Model Making
Spring | 2013

Helena Curry is a freelance sculptor, model maker and painter working in the SFX industry. She also specialises in making and restoring puppets. Helena is based in Buckinghamshire where she works from her studio on commissions and private projects. She also works for award winning sculptor Andrew Sinclair as his assistant in his Wendover studio.

The QEST scholarship has provided Helena with an amazing opportunity to further her sculpting skills, learning from a true master of classical figurative sculpture. For the past year Helena has been taking weekend workshops with Andrew Sinclair at The Sculpture School, which fortunately led to her working for him on a daily basis. Working in the studio on a daily basis has been a fantastic experience for Helena and has given her an insight in to working as a commercial sculptor. Whilst working for Andrew she has worked on a number of exciting projects. The highlight of the year was working alongside Andrew and his partner, Diane Coates, assisting them in curating ‘The Great British Sculpture Show’ at Hatfield House. The event runs for 6 months and showcases 82 sculptures from 22 of the finest British Sculptors.

Helena plans for the future include moving forward with the knowledge acquired through the sculpture courses and her work with Andrew. She intends to spend more time on developing her sculpting style and creating her own pieces to exhibit. She has also been given a fantastic opportunity to teach on The Sculpture School courses which will be a wonderful opportunity for her to pass on this knowledge to new students who are looking to study this inspiring traditional skill.