Jack McGonigle
Autumn | 2017

Jack graduated with a BA Hons in Pottery from Cardiff Metropolitan University in May 2017. During his second year, he approached potter Adam Frew to see if he could assist Adam at his studio. Jack has been working with Adam ever since.

As part of his apprenticeship, Jack will develop a range of distinctive utilitarian vessels and unique, one-off pieces. Adam believes that having another pair of skilled hands to help produce work will help grow his business. Jack will also attend shows and exhibitions with Adam, and will be exposed to the inner workings of being a potter in order for him to gain the skills needed to eventually set up his own business.

Jack hopes that the long term benefits of an apprenticeship will be to establish his own thriving craft pottery business someday. At the same time, he also wants to develop his repertoire of skills by seeking feedback, undertaking courses and teaching others. Eventually, Jack would like would like to provide mentorship opportunities himself, in order to refine the production skills of apprentices and make them more capable and confident. Such plans not only help to drive his own skill development forward, but would also allow him to pass on traditional knowledge and skills to the next generation of potters.

The QEST apprenticeship grant will allow for Jack to receive a living wage in order to fully realise his ambition to become a professional potter.


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