Jennifer Price
The Garfield Weston Foundation
Summer | 2013

Jennifer Price is a fine art printmaker based in London. Her work broaches the topic of mental illness and psychosis and tries to break down barriers and prejudices surrounding these conditions.

The QEST scholarship has allowed Price to attend a two year Masters degree in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London where she is expanding her skills in print techniques and is being challenged by a world renowned program to progress her artwork.

Price’s artwork harnesses both basic and traditional printmaking methods, and then stands them on their head, such that the results cross boundaries of printmaking, drawing, sculpture, site-based installation and public intervention. The work addresses complex layers of material culture and the role of the visual artist in a complicated age of media while tackling issues of mental health discrimination in society. Since receiving the scholarship Price has been exploring a more personal body of work regarding mental health, and is trying to explore the experiences of different psychotic states while breaking down the secrecy and taboos surrounding them. Her ambition is to build on the populist tradition of printmaking as a way to introduce visual art practice to a broad spectrum of culture whilst raising awareness regarding these important themes.