Jenny Pickford
Artist Blacksmith
Glass & Metal Work
Spring | 2010

Jenny Pickford is a contemporary artist blacksmith designing and making unique sculptures, water features and architectural ironwork. Her designs combine forged, galvanised steel, with spectacular blown glass. Currently one of the country’s leading female artist blacksmiths, Jenny creates original designs that uplift the soul. Her designs possess a unique drama, yet work in totally harmony with their surroundings. Inspired by nature and experiences of the world around her, each design displays Jenny’s distinctive style.

The QEST scholarship funded Jenny to travel to the USA to take part in Pilchuck School of Glass, for a three week summer course in glassblowing. “This fantastic experience has spurred me on to crate larger more flamboyant pieces which have been sold to a worldwide audience!”

“QEST has helped me enormously in my career, enabling me to show a sculpture at the Coronation festival, Buckingham Palace, the Goring hotel, London and Battersea. In the future I hope to keep working on a large scale and to undertake more international shows”


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