Jessica Poole
Jewellery Making & Design
Summer | 2009

Jessica Poole is a traditionally trained goldsmith and thanks to QEST is now a micro pave diamond setter. After training in Kilkenny, Ireland she moved to London to work for the trade where over 5 years she was able to improve her skill level and learn the “tricks of the trade”. Frustrated with limited access to high quality setting Jessica decided in order to have complete control and maintain a consistently high standard of diamond setting she would need to learn this skill herself. She was incredibly fortunate to be awarded the very large scholarship required to train in Antwerp, Belgium as a Micro Pave setter. Micro Pave is the technique of setting tiny diamonds very close together in a “sea of sparkle” each stone held in with four grains. She spent nearly 4 months, 6 long days a week at a microscope using state of the art equipment, setting stones as small as 0.5mm into metal. The skill is incredibly precise and time consuming and micro pave is now an integral part of Jessica's working day.

Jessica set up her own business in central London in 2010 and focuses mainly on commissions in gold and platinum. As well as her own fine jewellery work Jessica sets for a select number of established jewellery brands and is in the fortunate position that she can choose whom she sets for making the work incredibly challenging and rewarding. As there are only a small number of micro pave setters in the UK who make and set their own jewellery Jessica has somewhat of a niche. Her clientèle appreciate craftsmanship, the work that goes in to every piece and enjoy seeing where it all happens from beginning to end. Over the next few years Jessica plans to develop this bespoke side of the business catering to a high end market. The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship has given Jessica a skill that she will have and use for the rest of her career and plans to pass this on to the next generation of apprentices.


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