Jorunn Hustoft
Knitted textiles
Garfield Weston Foundation
Spring | 2014

As a Spring 2014 Scholar, Brighton-based Norwegian designer Jorunn Hustoft is just beginning the journey to further her skills within her craft. So far she has learnt the basic skills necessary to start developing designs for the PASSAP E6000 machine. Her next course will familiarize her with the essential functions of the Design-a-Knit software enabling her to visualize and experiment with ideas digitally before committing to producing them on the knitting machine. The QEST Scholarship has enabled Jorunn to develop skills in some very sophisticated and versatile pieces of knitting machinery and software, giving her the ability to develop her three-dimensional knitted textures into many new and exciting directions to fully embrace the possibilities and limitations when working with this craft.  

Jorunn’s background working with wood, metal, ceramics and plastics informed her unique three-dimensional approach to knitted textile design. The bold signature textures featured within her work have gained an international following since her debut at Milan Design Week in April 2013. Since the scholarship, Jorunn has been focusing on gaining confidence in her new skills and planning important changes to her business plan ready to implement once her possibilities for production are widened in 2015. Jorunn’s range of Super Chunky Knits are currently featured in Urban Outfitters’ flagship store in New York. Jorunn will be opening her studio up to the public from the 11-13 December 2014 when she will be exhibiting a broad range of her work as part of the Christmas Open Studios in New England House, Brighton. 


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