Kate Wallwork
Stone Work
The Garfield Weston Foundation
Summer | 2013

With a background in art history, architectural restoration and stonemasonry, Kate is currently training in stone carving at the City & Guilds of London Art School, a course which is funded by QEST. Kate’s QEST scholarship has given her the wonderful opportunity to develop her skills artistically in sculpture and architectural ornamentation, so that she may reach her full potential as an artist and craftswoman: something that would have been unreachable without financial support.

At school she is being taught the arts of drawing, clay modelling, plaster casting, letter cutting and stone carving, all essential components in the making of a fully fledged carver. In the holidays she continues her stonemasonry and restoration work, and also teaches heritage craft skills to young people. At the end of the course she plans to establish herself fully as an independent carver, sculptor and teacher.


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