Laura Homer
Easel Painting Conservation
Summer | 2008

Laura Homer trained in Easel Paintings Conservation at the Courtauld Institute of Art, graduating in 2008. She has since worked at Tate Gallery in London, and for the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. She is now permanently employed at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway and is responsible for the long-term care and protection of the entire painting collection which includes both Norwegian and international, historic and contemporary paintings.

The QEST scholarship allowed Laura to undertake an internship at Tate Gallery, London where she learned about the conservation of modern and contemporary paintings and the importance of the care and protection of paintings travelling internationally on loan. This knowledge has been invaluable to her career and is one of the main reasons she secured her current position in Oslo.

The National Museum, Oslo, is moving to a new building scheduled for completion in 2019. The painting conservation department has been involved in the plans and Laura is now ensuring that the conservators, and the paintings, will be ready for the forthcoming move.


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