Lauren Day
Part funded by Bendicks
Summer | 2014

Creating a dialogue between colour, innovation, process and craftsmanship, Lauren Day designs and produces textiles in her studio in Glasgow. Using colour as a starting point, Lauren enjoys challenging traditional techniques, using experimental processes to widen the scope and context of hand embroidery.

The QEST scholarship will provide a unique opportunity for Lauren to undertake the Haute Couture Professional Training course at Ècole Lesage in Paris. Taught by exceptionally skilled embroiderers, the course provides an exclusive technical platform to build upon her skills learnt at the Glasgow School of Art. As an emerging designer, Lauren was selected as one of ten to join an 18-month creative business incubator programme 'Fashion Foundry’ . Within this environment she was able to define her creative identity, participate in textile industry events, and thoroughly explore new ideas within her work.  Lauren aims to bring the knowledge gained in Paris back to Scotland to launch a textile workshop, creating micro collections of colour-driven, artisanal textiles. Lauren also has an interest in working on unique commission-led projects within the creative industry.

“The experience of the material is central, with an intuitive response to the intricacy and subtlety of colour forming the basis of design. I attempt to harness a sense of tactile energy in reverse of ‘applied decoration’, creating simple, paradoxical, colour driven pieces, each taking hundreds of hours to complete. Consideration is given to the value cloth inherits from its maker, leading ultimately to artisanal textiles for use across varied contexts”