Mark Angelo-Gizzi
Leather Work
Leather Work
The Leathersellers' Charitable Fund
Summer | 2013

Based in Knebworth Hertfordshire, Mark Angelo-Gizzi produces handmade leather satchels and bags from the very best materials. Made to order and individually crafted to customers personal specifications each bag is made with care and made to last. Following the traditions of craft leatherwork every aspect of each bag, from the cutting and stitching to the finishing, is done completely by hand.

After being extremely fortunate to receive a craft scholarship from QEST in 2013 Mark was able to attend courses run by three of the best leather craft tutors in the country. Each course provided new skills, new experiences and the confidence to enable Mark to pursue leatherwork as a means of earning a living. In August 2014 Mark gave up his job working for an advertising agency in London to concentrate solely on leatherwork, a move that would not have been possible without the generous support from QEST.

As well as making items for customers in the UK Mark has fulfilled orders to the USA and Europe. Orders come in via his website, the ETSY craft website and at craft fairs. The future plans for Mark at Gizzi Leather are to continually find ways of improving the quality of the products, to grow in skill as a craftsman and above all to continue to enjoy working at what he loves to do.


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