Martin Earle
Art & Sculpture
Summer | 2013

Martin Earle sought a scholarship to develop his practice as an iconographer through an apprenticeship with Aidan Hart. In their studio in Shrewsbury, he works on commissions for churches and private clients drawing on the Byzantine and Romanesque traditions; carving in wood and stone, painting and making mosaics.  The QEST scholarship has been an invaluable support for Martin while he learns the complex art of egg-tempera panel icons and large scale wall paintings.

Since being awarded a scholarship Martin has enjoyed working on a wide variety of projects with Aidan, including a major stone carving of Our Lady of Lincoln for Lincoln Cathedral.  They are about to start work on two large mosaics for a church in Texas, which they expect to take around a year to complete.  In recent years there has been an increased demand for such specialist 'liturgical artists' able to create icons and church furnishings in a variety of media. Through his apprenticeship, Martin hopes to join the handful of such craftspeople that are emerging in this country. 


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