Martin Haswell
Digital Photography
| 1999

Martin mainly photographs people, usually at their place of work, and gives them authority and presence. Most people hate being photographed and it's his job to make that process easy and straightforward. He splits his time equally between home in Bristol and Brazil.

His QEST scholarship gave Martin a lot of technical help and confidence in the early days of digital colour, when it wasn't clear, as it is now, that film could and would be superseded by digital. For many photographers, using film has an emotional attachment and that component has had to be replaced by a different way of working, to make the digital process more hands-on and less technical.

Since the QEST award, Martin has been kept very busy. He spent most of 2012 in the USA, using and editing video and is making short video pieces as well as taking photographs. The photography colour courses that he followed during the QEST award have been really useful for his video.


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