Maud van den Broecke
Shoe Making
Leather Work
Cordwainers’ Company
Spring | 2018

Maud’s fascination with shoemaking began age seven when she saw the upper of her school shoes removed and a new sole applied. Her interest in high quality, handmade footwear endures.

She studied Fashion & Footwear Design at the London College of Fashion, trained with 2013 QEST Scholar Ruth Emily Davey and worked as a shoe designer. Maud now makes leather goods and shoes as MvdB Leather; learning to make hand-welted shoes and boots is her next step to becoming a full-time bespoke shoemaker.

“I’m thrilled that the QEST Cordwainers’ Company Scholarship will fund six months of weekly training on lasting, hand-welting, stitching and finishing at the Carréducker Shoemaking School, run by Deborah Carré (1997 QEST Scholar) and James Ducker.”


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