Mia Sarosi
Spring | 2004

Mia Sarosi makes hand-thrown and painted functional porcelain ceramics from her studio in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire. She started in 1991 as a painter in a Delftware studio before moving on to learn throwing and making in other potteries. Following an award from QEST in 2004, Mia was able to fund a vital period of research and development to transition her work exclusively into porcelain.

Mia draws on multiple sources of inspiration for her work, ranging from British wildlife and other animals, the natural world, botanicals, travels abroad and philosophical and cultural interests. She works on an increasing number of bespoke projects such as The British Museum’s Hokusai exhibition and upcoming Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece; The Courtauld Gallery’s Rodin and Dance and Bloomsbury Group exhibitions. Heal’s have recently launched an exclusive new Rainforest range for Spring/Summer 2018. This range was created from Mia’s recent travels abroad to Equitorial West Africa’s rainforest.


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