Mila Chielman
Spectacle Making
Garfield Weston Foundation
Autumn | 2017

The aim of Mila’s apprenticeship is to create a new generation of spectacle makers, a hallmark of British craft for two centuries which has now all but died. Cubitt’s Workshop in King’s Cross London have two of the UK's last remaining spectacle makers who can take on an apprentice and begin to revive this craft. Mila will be working directly alongside Mat Havercroft, with seven year’s experience of spectacle making, and advised by his trainer, Lawrence Jenkin - a master spectacle maker with over fifty years of experience.

Cubitt’s believe there is an opportunity to revive the traditional British craft and inspire a new generation of makers, saving an industry and making it relevant before it completely disappears.

Mila’s long term aspirations are to have his own workshop in the UK, where he will be able to take on commissions from private clients and businesses. This may be at Cubitt’s or within his own company. Through the apprenticeship Mila intends to become a handmade spectacle maker, capable of producing one-off frames and small runs of production without supervision. He would like to further his skills to eventually encompass complementary skills such as fine mechanical work and silversmithing.

Mila had been learning spectacle making from his grandfather in Kent, also a spectacle maker, where he realised he wanted to become a professional spectacle maker.


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