Oluwaseyi Sosanya
Wood Work & Design Engineering
Wood Work
Summer | 2013

Oluwaseyi’s work spreads across craft, mass production, innovation, and sustainability. He is passionate about traditional forms of making and current mass production practices, and enjoys working at the intersection of these making practices to develop innovative solutions which can result in stronger and more sustainable products.

The Queen Elizabeth Trust Scholarship has helped Oluwaseyi complete his studies at the Royal College of Art. He has developed a set of skills which have allowed him to tie his experience in the hi tech manufacturing world with craft, to create innovative solutions for factories and crafts people alike. Oluwaseyi explains that he has been able to meet a group of extremely talented crafts people and gain new experiences with materials and techniques that he has always been fascinated with.

The work he is currently focusing on looks are new tools for crafts people and designers to interact with new technologies. He believes that these tools could usher in a new wave of craft making and help drive innovation in several craft fields.


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